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Vinly BackdropAn indoor sports facility offers players shelter throughout the season, allowing them to play no matter what the weather is like outside. Whether it is cold or rain nothing really prevents the enjoyable atmosphere of an indoor facility. But while such indoor facilities offer shielding from the elements there is one thing they lack due to the nature of the design in these facilities. Quite often the entire facility will be used as their default design and coloring. This means that all the walls, columns and other parts of the facility are not going to be the most attractive, and certainly will not provide good ball visibility for the members.  The unfriendly colors may also put a strain on the player's eyes as well, preventing them from truly enjoying their game.

Mesh windowIn order to eliminate such problems, without redecorating the entire facility, many court owners turn to the tennis backdrop curtains. These vinyl curtains are light and sturdy, which allows you to freely install them virtually anywhere without worrying about damage. There are also a numerous range of colors available to fit your individual taste. This means you can also mix and match different colors of curtains in a single facility to visually divide the area. The "green zone” can be designated for beginners while the "blue zone” can be designated to more experienced players.

Backdrop curtains are also very flexible since you have the option of installing angled corners (also known as California Corners) and mesh windows. You can simply apply a mesh window to any open areas of the wall so that the spectators can easily view the players without being in the court. It also protects them from any stray balls that may fly their way. The angled corners can be customized to fit the corners of your court and also have an option to having a mesh window installed on them as well. You can even add your club logo for advertisement purpose on any of the vinyl curtains.

California CornerWhen you decide to install a backdrop curtain you want to purchase the item from a supplier that will offer reliable goods as well as service. At Tennis Universal you can order a full line of backdrop curtains, ranging from the 10oz models to 18oz. With or without lead rope sewn in the bottom (not required on 18 oz material). They will customize every order for the client and provide the exact amount of materials  needed. When you purchase from Tennis Universal you also get expert advice, an invaluable assistance that can only be given by an experienced company.

Tennis Universal also comes with reliability backed by their more than 30 years experience in the field of tennis related equipment. Aside from the backdrop curtains you can find virtually anything related to tennis courts that you'll ever need including nets, posts, windscreens, lighting, domes/bubbles and "Do-It-Yourself resurfacing materials with a unique interchangeable color chart for tennis and basketball courts and "repair & resurfacing guidelines" for asphalt & concrete courts. Please visit their website today at and take a look at their online catalogue. You'll be impressed by the large selection of products you can purchase from a single "one-stop-shopping" online tennis equipment store.
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Industry leader of do-it-yourself basketball court painting. We provide all the best information on basketball court paints for asphalt and concrete courts, repair products, easy to follow step-by-step instructions...everything from crack repair to professional line painting. Excellent choice for clubs, schools, home-owners, hotels and resorts and more.
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Industry leader for 35 years. Learn to resurface, repair and paint your tennis court with our MultiMate premium court products, including easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Top-Quality/Professional tennis court paints delivered to your door. For assistance with choosing products, or for a free quote, call today 1-800-263-8800.
The world's best tennis backboard is Bakko, sold by Tennis Universal Inc. Superior fiberglass construction makes Bakko backboards the favorite for excellent performance and value among all tennis enthusiasts. Best product, value and service guaranteed.
This website contains information regarding Tennis Scorekeepers that are used in tennis games to keep track of each player or group's score.
This website contains information regarding Tennis Rebound Nets that can be used by individuals to practice on their own, improving their overall tennis skills.
This website contains information regarding Tennis Net Posts that are used to support the tennis nets on the court. The site explains how different styles of posts can cater to different requirements on the tennis court.
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